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Accreditation Ready Policy & Procedure Manuals

Policy and Procedure Manuals:

Our materials have been used successfully by hundreds of providers and are continuously updated by our experienced staff.

  • All the necessary policies to meet any accrediting body's requirement. All manuals are provided in hard copy and on CD ROM for easy editing.

  • Policy requirements that are specific to various accrediting bodies are including on the disk provided with the manual and can be easily added to the standard set of policies contained in the hard copy.

  • Crosswalks matching our policies to the accrediting body requirements are also included to assist providers in meeting the PER and Self Assessment portion of the accreditation application. 

  • Several versions available, specific to the type of products your HME provides reduce the need for time consuming editing.

    • Version I is available for full service providers that also include oxygen and other respiratory products. Download the Version I Policy and Procedure Manual Table of Contents

    • Version II is available for providers that do not provide oxygen or respiratory products. Download the Version II Policy and Procedure Manual Table of Contents

    • Version III is provided for pharmacies that wish to obtain Medicare approved NABP DMEPOS accreditation. Download the Version III Policy and Procedure Manual Table of Contents

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