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Accreditation Consulting

Onsite Consulting

We have decades of experience assisting hundreds of providers in becoming accredited on the first attempt. Preparation time is greatly decreased because we guide your organization through the implementation of proven and practical processes.

There is no development of processes and policies required by your staff members. The focus on a guided implementation rather than development of accreditation processes can actually save your company money in the long run. And we provide unlimited support until you have your accreditation certificate in hand, eliminating the risk of escalating preparation costs.

Our comprehensive on-site consulting provides:

  • A full accreditation preparation manual set that includes every policy, procedure, form and document you need to satisfy accrediting body requirements (customized for your organization’s specific needs)

  • An on-site mock survey to assess your organization’s preparedness for an actual accreditation survey

  • A highly detailed mock survey report and action plan prioritized to make preparation as easy as possible

  • Unlimited telephone support and assistance as you complete the action plan provided to you

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